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Having Perfect Decoration in Your Dining Room by Purchasing Refectory Dining Tables

Refectory antique dining tables can be categorized as an antique dining table. It has great history from hundred years ago. Refectory tables was the order of the day from the Center Ages to the 17th century when a lot more genteel type of consuming in allocated dining rooms rather than big dining halls produced possibilities for cabinet makers to produce smaller and a lot more refined pieces of furnishings. It is an ancient style of wooden dining table which is long and narrow. Its base has two pedestals or trestles which joined with a stretcher or wooden slat.

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This antique dining tables were first used by many monks in their dining hall which is usually called as a refectory. In each monastery’s dining hall, there were usually many refectory tables. The first material used to make the refectory table was walnut, but from time to time, oak versions became famous and common for making refectory dining tables. These dining tables are one of the most popular pieces of furniture that many people look for. There are some reasons for this, starting with the warm atmosphere a quality table brings to your dining room. Second, refectory dining table is commonly found in good prices in comparison to other dining table types since a dining table in new condition is almost unheard of. After all, this is one table that has likely seen a lot of use, heard a lot of stories, and watched several generations grow at its side.

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If you are looking at the rectangular top of an antique refectory dining table, you should see two to three planks of wood with a wonderful patina that is earned only through age and use. You will know it is a reproduction made of floor board planks if you see signs of filled-in holes. Also, if you see wood dowels, be sure they stand out from the table top surface, as they will not have shrunk as the table will. Also check the legs to note the wear that should be there, leaving edges that are smooth and rounded.

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Antique refectory tables have very rustic appearance with dents and cracks that only make them more desirable in homes with a luxury casual look. It can be a good choice for small dining rooms since it’s thinner in width than commonly dining tables. A large space in dining room is important because large room needs to be allowed for the chairs set to be pushed out from the table without them touching the wall.

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When refectory dining tables were made and first used, nobody could have imagined what value they would bring in today’s market. The tables that survived and are enjoyed today were not saved for the investment value they held, but rather because they were useful, practical and represented a level of achievement for the family. So, it will be a great choice for you to purchase this kind of dining table. You can save your money, get a good looking dining table set, and you can use it for another purposes.

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