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Expandable Dining Table Ikea can be The Best Way to Maximize your Limited Space in Your Living

Ikea is very famous for its furniture products. It has various product of furniture that available in many models and designs which also has various range of prices. And you should always remember about the benefit of purchasing a furniture from Ikea, you can try to use it before you buy it. So, you will get clear impression about your new furniture. One of the best furniture product of Ikea is the expandable dining table. It comes in various models that you can check online or you can go to one of the Ikea store. There are many benefits that you will get by purchasing an expandable dining table.

expandable dining table ikea ikea extendable table – customclean ideasExpandable Dining Table Ikea

The expandable dining table will  allow you to have a smaller table to use when there is not many users who will be sitting down to the table on a nightly basis and extending the table when you are getting more guests. It also very helpful for you who have small space in your living, especially when you live in an apartment. It really help you in saving the space and decorating your living. Extending tables are straightforward in concept but they give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to providing added space at the table. For the small one, a 6 setting table set can be converted into a 10 seat table set only in few seconds by pulling apart the table top and allowing two folded leaves to unfold into place.

expandable dining table ikea ingatorp extendable table, grayExpandable Dining Table Ikea Ingatorp Extendable Table

expandable dining table ikea norden   extendable table, birch downloadExpandable Dining Table Ikea Norden Extendable Table

These tables come in a range of sizes from the very small 2 seat tables up to 8 seat tables and can convert from some shapes such as round, rectangular and square tables. In each case the transition is invariably a smooth affair that only takes seconds. The most common types of extending dining table is made from wood but it is also possible to buy glass tables that extend too. In fact there is no real limit to the types of materials that the table may be made of that can also be bought in the extendable form.

expandable dining table ikea dining tables   ikea ideasExpandable Dining Table Ikea Ideas

expandable dining table ikea bjursta extendable table, brown black downloadExpandable Dining Table Ikea Bjursta Extendable

expandable dining table ikea ikea recalls glivarp extendable dining table due to laceration  templatesExpandable Dining Table Ikea Glivarp  To Laceration

Bjursta and Stornas are some of the Ikea expandable dining table products. The Bjursta dining table has 1 extra leaf seats 4-6; makes it possible to adjust the table size according to your need. The extra leaf can be stored within easy reach under the table top when not in use. It is also has concealed locking function prevents gaps between top and leaf and keeps the extra leaf in place.

Its lacquered surface is easy to wipe clean. So, it will not become a problem for you to keep it clean. While Stornas dining table also has the same features as Bjursta but it has solid pine, a natural material that ages beautifully.  They should make it useful and fun for you to have dinner or parties for many guests or family members. That’s why it is easy to make the long table even longer with extension leafs. Both the buffets and dining tables are made of pine, which gives them a very wonderful wood feeling and also means they will age in luxury. Finally, simple design makes them appropriate and fit in well in many different settings.

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