We are serious about responding to and acting against copyright infringement and will protect the rights of the copyright owner.

If you are the copyright owner of the material displayed on our website and you do not allow or authorize the use of the material, please contact us so that we can identify suspected violations and take further action.

Please provide the information needed related to the material that you have the copyright that has been violated by us so that we can follow up as soon as possible, with the following information:

1.) The electronic or physical signature of the copyright owner that is violated.

2.) Information about identification in detail regarding the material that was violated whether it was related to publication, deletion, or deactivation so that we could locate the material.

3.) Sufficient information regarding the party who complained such as the address, telephone number, or email address that we can contact.

4.) A statement that is believed by the copyright owner about the use of the material that is not permitted by the material owner, its agent, or the law.

The notice should be sent to our agent as follows:
DCMA agent email: [email protected]